Todd Thundercock

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Todd Thundercock
"Todd" and his monitor
Personal life
Born unknown
Job welfare enthusiast
Ideology former blackpiller
Temperament alternating btw extreme positivity and negativity
Ethnicity white
Vlogging info
Channel Todd Thundercock
Years active at least 4
Subscribers 2,140

Updated: 07/04/2021

By including this public figure on this wiki, we are not necessarily implying they are incel (involuntarily celibate) or are in any way associated with incels. Furthermore, with regards to any actual incels listed on this wiki, inceldom is a life circumstance, not an insult or a movement/community.

Todd Thundercock, who formerly self-identified publicly as, "Grotesque Subhuman", is an on-off again vlogger with origins in He used to vlog about frustration involving his previously late, "non-hooker virginity". Todd believes most incels are volcels and has been complaining less about dating since getting in shape, settling physical expectations he had of women, and finding a friend-with-benefits.[1]

Todd has also started suggesting certain incel vloggers stop claiming, "It's Over", when they look decent enough to get a girlfriend. He stated around December 26th, 2020 that he is no longer blackpilled, no longer an incel, etc, and they he no longer wants to call himself, "Grotesque Subhuman".

He is an awesome guy.

Personal life[edit]

He is diagnosed with autism and receives lots of disability for it, under multiple social programs.

In a notable vid of his from 2018, while walking in a park, he throws his psychiatric medication in the trash, while calling it, "Jew pills".


In vlogs of his, he repeatedly expresses inability to sense social queues and describes having been arrested multiple times for allegations of harassment. The, alleged "crimes", seemed to usually involve Grotesque texting someone who didn't want to be texted by him.

Grotesque described how he never thought he would go to jail because of the nature of his crimes relative to other offenders and his autism diagnosis. Turned out he was right, as he never went to jail, and only got, "slaps on the wrist". He mentioned his, "Jew lawyer", would just feel annoyed whenever he got a new notice. At one point his lawyer shouted at Grotesque, which Grotesque found funny.

He also described previous lawyers he had, including a short man who Grotesque thought related to his inceldom, and a woman who Grotesque thought hated him.

Alleged simping[edit]

Grotesque has been alleged to simp for a possibly borderline girl named Rowan, his past therapists, and a few female vloggers.

He also used to vlog about Tahlia, who he often defended as a nice person.

Weight loss[edit]

Sometime around 2019, Grotesque started doing near daily walking vids for unknown reasons. It was later revealed Grotesque was working hard at weight loss. Taking advice, perhaps from places like Kiwi Farms, Grotesque lost almost 100 pounds with sheer force of will. He's now pretty much a skinny dude.

Date after weight loss[edit]

On November 4th 2020, Grotesque made a video about a date where the woman was attracted to him and followed up with him afterward. He was in an extremely good mood, perhaps more than ever before. He told the date he jerks off a lot and was, "a 40 year old virgin", among other stories.[2]

His Youtube audience cheered him on, saying things such as, "Happy things are changing", "this is good", etc.


Opinions on dating[edit]

Grotesque believes that women are sexual gatekeepers, but also believes that most men can find women if they want to find someone to date. He believes most men are not involuntarily celibate, and that no women are so.


Grotesque likes doing impersonations of females and rival vloggers and is quite good at it. He sometimes invents terms while impersonating women, such as a woman saying, "personali-tee-hee".


Grotesque's Kiwi Farms thread is almost 100 pages long


Grotesque has been banned from Youtube at least 5 times and also had a Bitchute channel at some time.


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