Homocel hypothesis

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The homocel hypothesis is a theory proposed by vlogger Getgle that suggests that inceldom coupled with the blackpill eventualy causes gayness. According to Getgle, the ubiquity of the blackpill turns to a change in sexual orientation if one becomes desperate. One of his pieces of evidence is the prison system, wherein he claims that previously heterosexual men turned to bisexuality due to becoming prisoncel. Another piece of evidence is himself, with Getgle claiming that his inceldom eventually made him increasingly bi.[1]


This may be seen incels that start consuming futanari porn. Both out of boredom from regular porn and also perhaps a desire for masculine women who can break through their shyness. This further may be seen in sex-worker mancels who can only attract male customers and then become fetishists of cock temporarily. Incel men who become bicurious rarely become romantically interested in men, but rather their interest is mainly becomes a fetish in sexual organs and desire. In futanari, the cock represents female sexual agressiveness and the rest of the body, the woman. Vlogger BrendioEEE has accused r9k of trying to convert incels to homosexuality through futanari and cock fetish pornography. Indeed there is a whole genre of "porn" where cropped pictures of erect penises are mashed up against faces of women to make incels associate women with cock.

Arabic Countries

It is rumored that in Arabic countries, where many men are priced out of a bride due to mass societal polygyny, that homosexual acts become relatively commonplace in private among incel men as a coping mechanism. It is also rumored that in certain Arabic terrorist organizations men dress as women and have sex with the other men, again as a cope for having no one to love.


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