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If you think as a man, you can get any leverage from your looks with women, it's like trying to negotiate with Al Qaeda with a pork sandwich in one hand and a copy of the Old Testament in the other.
Hugh La Traviata
Name: La Traviata, Hugh
Birth: unknown
Job: Unknown
Ethnicity: Uknown

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Hugh La Traviata was a Youtuber, public figure, and the founder of Oofy doofy theory, or the theory that women sexually prefer mediocre looking and goofy men. He was very hostile to the blackpill idea that women preferentially sexually select chad men.

Hugh also claims to have first conceptualized Factor X Theory, or the idea that the main component of attracting a woman is unknown. This theory inspired numerous other vloggers in the incel and TFL space.

He is currently in a relationship and has stated in his vlogs that he goes in and out of relationships, thus he doesn't seem to meet the criteria for being an incel. In May 2021, he took many of his vlogs down from Youtube, but is still active on Youtube.

He is an awesome guy.


Hugh's videos are usually black-screen monologues about how he thinks good looking men perform poorly in dating, and his belief that this is sad commentary on society. The monologues usually take the form of amusing personal anecdotes relaying his experiences of seeing highly unattractive, 'schlubby' or generally loserly-appearing males with attractive women.

He also has vlogged about his dissatisfaction with TFL as a movement, and in the past has stated MGTOW type beliefs, although he doesn't self-identify as MGTOW, and he has stated that MGTOW is 'TFL in denial'. He asserts that the phenomena he observes of attractive men being forced to date down and settle for low-quality relationships is a part of the broader TFL concept, so it is not isomorphic with inceldom in his view.

His conception of Oofy doofy theory[edit]

Women despise good-looking men[edit]

Hugh states that women despise good looking men, and in his view, this is attributable to recent social pressure promoted by unspecified interests, as he claims that middle-aged women, in contrast to the preferences of younger generations of women, tend to be more attracted to conventionally handsome men. He states that this preference among women is a proof of their poor mental health, dubbing women 'psychotic' and saying their preferences in this regard are analogous to a man picking up feces in the street, consuming it, and stating that it is a delicious meal. He also says that the 2020-2021 COVID-19 flu has exacerbated the situation of women allegedly preferring ugly men, as it has, "increased their mental instability".

He is somewhat inconsistent in this regard though, as he has stated that women do care about looks, but it is only '30 per cent' of what they care about and that traits such as being 'oofy doofy', general warmth, and having 'high emotional intelligence' are valued much more highly by women. He says this explains why what he calls 'LMSers' (blackpillers) talk about chads monopolizing attractive women. Traviata says that they are focusing solely on the facial looks aspect and not on the 'Factor X' (unknown factor or substance) trait that he asserts is really driving the women's attraction to these men. He is also inconsistent in that he sometimes implies that physical attractiveness in men is negatively valued by women, and sometimes saying it is simply completely irrelevant to them.

He has recently stated he advocates for 'middle of the road theory', i.e. that women prefer mediocre and not ugly looking men (though he claims these men can often date way out of their league and generally have it better in terms of dating than some attractive men), and that truecels are too ugly for women while chads are too good looking for them.

He states that dating apps such as Tinder are irrelevant to the discussion of lookism as he claims that on these apps women are merely 'matching' with handsome men as they are rating them by doing so, but this does not necessarily prove that these men are meeting up and having sex with these women outside of these apps. He, similar to some redpillers, seems to be implying that there is a vast discrepancy between the men women say they find attractive and the men they actually sexually respond to in practice.

Women are attracted to 'goofy' men that make them feel secure[edit]

Traviata does not draw on empirical evidence to support these observations, instead relying on anecdotal evidence and aphorisms, though he does assert some credence to the theory that the widespread administration of progesteronic birth control pills to young women has perhaps altered their preferences strongly away from masculine or good looking men. He believes the pill may make women more attracted towards 'schlubby' men who provide these women with comfort or security, which is known as the ovulatory shift hypothesis. Hugh also states that these women are drawn to the 'oofy doofy' archetype as they think that these men will not be prone to cheating on them. La Traviata asserts this presumption of relational fidelity on behalf of women by these men is delusional, as he says these oofy doofies are often 'wankers', 'pricks', and otherwise untrustworthy men who take advantage of women's attraction and trust towards oofy doofy men in order to engage in sexual promiscuity. Though he has also stated that women are so drawn towards oofy doofys they will forgive them even when they discover they have been unfaithful towards them.

Women do not want to be dominated, they want to hold all the leverage in the relationship[edit]

In contrast to the common perception of handsome, masculine and dominant men being worshipped and highly desired by women, Hugh claims that the men he does encounter of this type are often 'shattered spirits' who have been 'emotionally raped' due to years of loneliness and rejection by women 'below their level'. He implies that such men often have to date down in looks in order to get sex and relationships, but when they do so, they are prone to being cuckolded by 'oofy doofy' types who are less physically attractive than them, an experience he dubs 'the most horrible mindfuck ever'. Similar to the other prominent TFL Youtuber, Hell by the Dashboard Light, he states that women want to be the 'pretty one' in the relationship and are highly insecure when they date men that are more attractive than them or even on their own level of physical attractiveness. They assert that rather than being naturally subordinate to men, women now want power and leverage in their relationships with men, and thus they imply women are actually prone to engaging in hypogamy (dating down) as opposed to hypergamy (dating up), as LMS Theory proposes.

Women are attracted to archetypes rather than good looks[edit]

In contrast to Just Be White Theory, he says women prefer to date ethnic men, but only ugly ones or 'geeky nerdy guys with glasses doing Michael Jackson moves' (K-Pop stars and men who copy this aesthetic). He essentially is stating that women are attracted to archetypes of what men represent instead of physical traits per se (such as men), that women choose men based on how they make them feel, and thus their preferences are more amenable to social pressure and the desire for security in relationships than men's are.

Egalitarianism and female choice is a sign of societal degradation[edit]

He implies that the 'tall-poppy' syndrome and egalitarianism are fueling the 'oofey doofey' phenomenon, in the form of reverse-hierarchies forming wherein intelligent, successful and good-looking men are denigrated by insecure and envious individuals, citing his observations of the typical reaction to the social media posts of attractive men as evidence of this. He implies that women's supposed preference for 'low quality' men is a sign of the severe cultural degeneration of human society as a whole.

Non-neurotypical chads are screwed[edit]

He also thinks that non-neurotypical, good looking men, in particular are, "getting smashed", by the modern dating scene.

Hugh's open challenge[edit]

To prove his ideas, Hugh often relays stories of ugly-man/beautiful-woman couples he finds on the street.

He is convinced this is so common that he has issued a grand challenge to lookists, asking them to record couples in the street, and demonstrate through the footage how, "chads are taking all the women". He claims anyone attempting his challenge will only prove his, "Oofy doofy theory", that women are going out with ugly men. A challenge which is still open by him to the public, but no one has taken up yet.

Public rivalries and disputes[edit]

Hugh has accused others of falsely claiming they originated the Oofy doofy theory by pointing out his long advocation of the theory.

Hugh vs Steve Hoca[edit]

He also disparaged fellow Manosphere Youtuber, "Steve Hoca", for changing his mind on the subject of Ooofy Doofy Theory a few times, claiming he only does so when convenient or popular. In essence, Hugh likened Steve to an opportunistic grifter.

Hugh vs lookists[edit]

Hugh has ridiculed lookists who he says comment on his channel solely using the word 'cope', stating that believers in LMS theory, such as blackpillers and lookists, are mostly "autistic sub-3 men, irrelevant to broader conversations about society", paraphrased. He asserts blackpillers are 'retarded basement dwellers' who have no experience with women or social interactions in general. He conceded they mostly suffer due to their looks, but that this doesn't apply to most men who struggle with women.

He cites his experience with women as an asset he has in judging relationships that those he criticizes allegedly don't have.

Background ideology[edit]

Hugh's belief of female choice causing a dysgenic society echoes themes by the Youtuber, "Hell by the Dashboard Light" and the former matchmaker, "Fschmidt".

All three individuals share the belief that women's choices are, 'disrupting the laws of nature', assumedly the 'law' that good looking men should date good looking women for good gene propagation and the 'natural' 'laws of attraction'.

All three borrow from a general right-wing idea shared by many, that a modern shift toward liberalism has formed perverse reverse hierarchies that devalue people with 'superior' traits in general, sort of like applying Nietzsche's theory of the transvaluation of values to dating. As Hugh puts it, "and I would have never seen one of these morbidly obese men out in the streets back in my day, it just wouldn't be tolerated", paraphrased.

However, Hugh doesn't spend much time going on other anti-feminist rants such as complaining about gender roles, feminism per se, or patriarchy, as he is laser-focused on attempting to debunk lookism and/or troll lookists.


The ideologically similar Youtuber named Nunya baznus has nicked named Hugh, "Huge Lasagna", and reposted some of Hugh's content with that nickname.

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