Human genetic degradation as a result of vaginocapitalism

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Many people in the incelosphere make an argument about human genetic degradation as a result of vaginocapitalism.

Females want low IQ men

Females have created a monopoly on childbirth, sex, and therefore human evolution. They have increasing power in the sexual sphere. This has led to massive amounts of people with low IQ reproducing, most likely born from an evolutionary mismatch between what females valued for millions of years (brute strength) vs what society values today (high IQ).

This is evidenced by scientific research. For example, Alexander Markov, the head of the Department of Biological Evolution at Moscow State University, the author of the popular science bestseller “Human Evolution”, thinks that genetic degradation is underway.

Prestigious men are being ignored

Millions of extremely intelligent men have slaved away for prestigious degrees and yet women have no desire to thank them sexually for this. Men such as Richard Stallman. The slow drift to low-IQ due to feminofascism is underway.

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