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Hybristophilia is a more or less a female-only paraphilia involving extreme sexual attraction to infamous criminals. It is similar to scelerophilia in that they are both mostly-female paraphilias pertaining to getting wet to nefarious characters in general. Those in the manosphere often view both of these as common among women. In laymen’s terms, this is called “going for the bad guys” or “aiming for thugs”. Hybristophilia is also one of the reasons why the idiom “nice guys finish last” gained currency.


The fact that hybristophilia exists doesn't mean most women are hybristophiliacs. And much (or most?) of hybristophilia could be explained by the fact that extreme criminals get press attention and women are sexually attracted to fame/infamy more so than men. Even though women are more sexually attracted to non-famous assholes than to non-famous nice guys, becoming famous through good or neutral deeds could yield even better sexual outcomes than through infamy.

Hybristophilia and dark triad

This tendency becomes evident when you look at female mating choice and the frequency wherewith that man has dark triad traits. Roughly half the time, female preference of bad boys over good guys is because women find the former more exciting, due to the potential for danger. These women perceive the latter archetype of men with manners and etiquette as boring. For the other half of hybristophiliacs, their preference for dysfunctional sociopaths and narcissists has more to do with the fact that they have very low-selfesteem and can’t bring themselves to accept niceties. These women have some semblance of endorphin-opposing phobias, such as cherophobia or hedonophobia.

Pretty much only a female phenomenon

While men were attracted to a handful of female convicts like Casey Anthony and Jodi Arias, the degree of the attraction was much smaller than the attraction women hold toward almost all high profile modern mass murderers. It can also be noted that such women are physically attractive, whereas female hybristophilia seems to offer a rare exception to looks theory in some rare cases.

Josef Fritzl

Even the infamous Austrian rapist/murderer, Josef Fritzl, who was widely reviled for keeping his daughter imprisoned in a purpose built soundproof atomic bunker for decades, and fathering several children by her (one of which he murdered by throwing it in an incinerator) received “hundreds of love letters” from women.[1] Despite being sub 4 in looks.

More Notable Examples

Ted Bundy

A woman also stole Ted Bundy’s fucking seed while he was in jail. Almost every high profile male highly notorious criminal has been bombarded with love notes from women. This in comparison to guys just saying that Casey Anthony and Jodi Arias were "hot" and that was it. Almost like making a passing remark about someone hot on the street.

Joran Van der Sloot

The highest profile murderer of 2010, Joran Van der Sloot, has bragged to the press about the volume of love letters he receives from women. Robert Chambers, the so-called Preppie Killer, had so many female groupies trying to smuggle him contraband in jail that he had to be transferred to another prison facility.[2]

Chris Watts

Chris Watts, a high profile murderer, after he got sentenced to jail for killing his pregnant wife and two daughters started receiving a barrage of love letters from women.[3]

James Holmes

With regards to killers like James Holmes, they *only* got female admiration after their crimes. James spent his days before his killing unsuccessfully browsing some scammy website for sexual losers (adultfriendfinder). This was not the case for any high profile female mass murderer who was sexually appreciated by men. They had male admiration before their killings.

John Wayne Gacy

Even the pedophile rapist and serial killer John Wayne Gacy, who was notorious for sodomizing and murdering at least 33 teenage boys and burying them under his house, was a recipient of the affections of female hybristophiles. Not known for his dashing good looks, he received a marriage proposal in prison[4]. And he also received love letters from “several” female groupies. [5]


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These facts are not reasons to go and kill people. Do not kill or commit crimes.


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