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Incel Wiki:Articles that are not about accuracy

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Actually funny, popular, or entertaining articles about memes or obscure theories do not need to be descriptive, extremely accurate, or contain citations. Thus, whether a humor article should not be entirely rewritten is not dependent on it's accuracy but rather other factors.

An example of an article being entertaining or popular would be if third-party sites cited it, or if someone other than the author of the page found it funny.

Logic Tree[edit]

Here is how to decide if an article should be heavily modified or added to in the spirit of accuracy, descriptiveness etc... To be taken in good faith.

  • Is the article funny, popular, or entertaining to someone other than the author?
  • if yes, is the title of the page about a meme or obscure theory?
  • if yes, the article should probably not be entirely rewritten on the basis of descriptiveness, accuracy, or citations


Q: Should the buttmogging page be rewritten to be more reflective of the reality of butt appreciation?

A: Is it popular, funny-to-another-person, or a wiki-exclusive idea?, yes. Is it a meme or obscure theory? Yes. so it does not need to be rewritten.

Q: Should the X-Factor Theory page be entirely wiped and replaced with my own opinion?

A: Is it popular, funny-to-another-person, or a wiki-exclusive idea? Yes, it is popular as it has been cited on Twitter by a random person as good and that citation got a lot of retweets and likes. Is it wiki-exclusive idea of meme? It is an obscure theory? Yes and yes, so it does not need to be rewritten.

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