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Incel Wiki:Featured Article/June 13, 2019

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A Chad constitutes anything from a "8" to a "10" on the decile scale; the polar opposite of a truecel. In terms of personality, he is your high school bully. He is now the guy who works on Wall Street, who gets on TV regularly, or who plays for a pro-sports team. Chad can get nearly any woman he wants based on his high sexual market value, but tends to go for Stacy instead of Becky. He is not necessarily a male model, but all male models are chads. Since the inflation of hypergamy, we can reach the conclusion that Chads are the only male beneficiaries of the sexual revolution. Women, upon getting access to Chad, become Chadstruck and then sexually mistreat incels and normies such as tanners if rejected by chad.

They told you your bully would become a carsalesman