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Incel Wiki:Featured Article/September 16, 2020

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Article of the Week

The Story of O

The Story of O was a massively popular, 1954, pornographic BDSM, semi-cuckoldry novel about a woman being a total sexual slave to any man her lover rents her to. The book's author got an obscenity charge from the state of France upon release, and a ban on sale to minors until 1967. The book saw many video adaptations, moreso than Fifty Shades of Grey probably ever will.

The book presented woman-as-public-sexual-utility, and was meant to be masturbated over, which it was, quite a bit. This makes it a more incel friendly book than 2011's Fifty Shades of Grey, in which the only male beneficiary was a business magnet, rather than near random men.

Women as Public Sex Utilities: The Book