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Incel Wiki:Featured Article/September 29, 2019

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Chris-chan, nowadays known as 'Christine Weston Chandler' after gender identity change, is a well known cartoonist, incel, and bully victim. Her entire life post 2008ish is documented by Kiwi Farms and other transphobic wikis and sites.

Long story short, a huge internet mob of thousands of people bullied Christine because Christine had trouble living up to male gender roles, so he eventually just decided to become a woman to end the hell, and now she gets thousands per year in Patreon money.

Outside of the bullies, Christine has developed a loving cult following and Christinetine's ouvre/mentality has been accurately compared to giants such as 1960s counterculture hero Robert Crumb.

"It's 2019, we're all Chris-chan"