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Incel Wiki:General disclaimer

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Text from was/is licensed under CC, shown from these links on These licenses only apply to the text that was on and allowed users to release all text at any time.

Additionally theses licenses are not even necessary for us to use or legally defend since we are ON THIS WIKI (William, Altmark, Jet etc), and copyright is automatically ours, as did not claim exclusive ownership prior to 5/18/20, and even if it did (which it didn’t), it was User:William there making these decisions anyway. as he was the main admin there and was told it was his wiki. We are adding the CC licenses here just for safety.

Content written by writers who would not want their writing on this wiki have been removed to the best of our ability. We have multiple forms of proof that the William here was indeed the William that was on, who adminned and wrote the vast majority of material. Proof including William embedding his full name (which is not secret) into the prior wiki multiple times under his William account, which was webarchived, and multiple witnesses who did not approve of Serge’s actions and were on the wiki and know William’s full name.

The wiki does not endorse, agree nor disagree with any information added by users. Mods of this site endeavor to monitor & appropriately deal with any material which breaks the rules, but are not able to be online all the time. As such, information added is responsibility of the user adding it in accordance with the law. Incel Wiki takes no responsibility for any actions whatsoever of users.

If you would like something on taken down instead of[edit]

Ask us in our Discord here.

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Further disclaimer[edit]

We have no association with Intel or Wikipedia.

IncelWiki also does not support or condone any type of violence or crime.