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--News: 04/07/21--   Anon editing has been turned on after being off for 7 months.
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Incel Wiki Lingo

From, the largest incel encyclopedia

Unfortunately, even this wiki has it’s own lingo separate from other places. In our everending quest for transparency, here is what it is:


  • alt: altmark22, a wiki editor and transhumanist, now the only admin of both incel wikis
  • AMS: Analyzing Male Slavery, an angry, anti-tradcon, MRA, pseudo-MGTOW who leads an activist group, and mostly campaigns against circumcision
  • bib: short for bibipi, the name of an anon Jordan Peterson fanboy who tried to coup the wiki using a VPN and destroyed approximately 7 friendships
  • Alex: Referring to Alex Undersky, a leftist leader of various political causes in Russia. He also advocates on behalf of sexless men and has at least one political party.
  • DC: Discord, the online chat service
  • Druss: A moderator of our chat room and a wiki editor
  • ee: Eastern Europe
  • Incelistan:, a forum now at
  • James: James FT, a vlogger
  • Jet: A graphic designer, youtuber, and wiki editor
  • Jolly Heretic: An alt-right tradcon, evopsych guy who likes physiognomy and hypothesizing about physical qualities and their relationship to sexual traits
  • Lorsss: A mod and IncelWiki editor
  • mikey: The government name of a former editor, PUA, and a man who bathes in baby oil
  • Molly: Name of a Vice producer who gave up on an incel doc
  • prescriptivism: Trying to spur action on anything, something discouraged on the wiki
  • .co:
  • RW: RationalWiki
  • SB: The Scientific Blackpill page, a collection of mostly peer reviewed research relating to common manosphere assertions and talking points. It was created by RageAgainsttheTDL for a now defunct link on a forum, though he also expressed his desire for people to copy the studies piecemeal and disseminate them broadly for popular consumption. it is unpopular with certain wiki editors due to becoming unwieldy and coming off as prescriptive, and was removed from this version of the wiki, yet retained for another one. It is reminiscent of a previous internet article called 'Library of Hate'
  • Stem: Short for, "stemmax", a mod of the incelwiki Discord and an incelwiki editor.
  • wolfie: Name of a Swiss doc producer making a more sympathetic doc