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Incelmatics is a youtube channel created by user Jet112 in order to host the fan-made documentary called The Blackpill. Nowdays, incelmatics branched into discussions, documentaries and other videos relating to incels.

They also run the interview podcast, Incelmatics podcast, sometimes known as the, “Incelmatics Live Stream”.

As of july 2021, incelmatics is inactive, but might produce more content in the future.

The Channel[edit]

The channel made videos in order to fill the void that was left after several content creators took a break from content creation. Somewhere around 2018 a user named “First” decided to share his stories and frustrations regarding the dating scene, a collaboration was made between him and former user jet112.

Several other people joined incelmatics (not officially) such as franco mccoy and medican. Franco helped setting up the discord and fixing technical issues while medican helped with moderation.


In order to create the blackpill documentary a collaboration was made between IncelWiki, and several users. Later on, Incelmatics developed into a community run channel where everyone can contribute and share ideas. As of now, Incelmatics is being monetized, the money earned from the channel will be donated to users that claim for financial assistance. The poorcel initiative was canceled because of issues regarding verification of users that might seek financial aid. Instead, trusted users in the discord server will get financial aid directly.

Notable Events[edit]

  • Several personas joined the discussion including AdamNoEve, Blackpill Jesus, Darkcel Podcast and other smaller content creators, FaceandLMS was welcomed to the discord server as well.
  • First left the discord in order to take a break and fix personal issues with his life, apparently he is still conducting interviews.
  • A guy named battle rodent infiltrated the server and made harrowing claims such as: frequenting bugchasing forums, engaging with prostitutes, deliberately infecting people with HIV and having a fetish for jewish people. He was banned later that day.
  • A user named sh0t infiltrated the server and invited transexuals in order to rile up other users, which later on turned into a big spectable in the voice chat. – He was banned the following day.
  • Jack Peterson visited the server and mostly kept quiet, however his claims about Christianity and sexuality made other users uncomfortable. Later on he was kicked from the server, an apology was made by the moderators later on.
  • At the early days of 2021, Turd Flinging Monkey was invited to chat with the incelmatics crew (jet112,medicann420,WCP,Wiz_H and some other guests). at some point a user named "karavan" was calling in, his sensational 2 min rant against TFM was featured on many incel channels. karavan was awarded "Hall of Famer" role on his first day in the network, and he was awarded a unique role of "Hero" several days later.
  • some of the channel's members and patrons decided to backstab the owners and make their version of "mamoon network" (the discord which belongs to the channel). the attempt was partially successful, and was initiated by a user named "mercer". mercer is known for his population pyramid videos and anti-social personality. it was called "the big split of 2021" as mercer managed to swindle some 20 users away from the original discord. mercer quickly filled his server with people who were too autistic or annoying to be part of the mamoon network and this is how he got his start. as of july 2021 mercer refuses to speak with anyone from incelmatics and in response, incelmatics took down his population video from their channel. mercer tried to gain notoriety by starting anew with "darkpills by mercer" however the channel was quickly abandoned due external affairs and general disinterest from the community.


Incelmatics still operates a podcast on it’s Youtube channel, as can be found here

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