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Type: Wiki
Author: Thebreeze, William,
Jet112, Altmark
URL: aka is the second explicit incel wiki after, and was created by William and Master in mid-2018. It is also the direct descendent of Redpilltalk/Sluthate Wiki, AB Wiki, and wiki, as it uses a lot of material from all those wikis.


The vast majority of the material was written by TheBreeze and William, who were later banned a few times.


As of December 18, 2020 there are 1,301 articles.[1]

Split is a continuation of material used on a previous domain called, using the original writers and creators of

Art piece

Before a few editors came on and started changing the meaning of the blackpill to something we didn’t like, Jet112 made an art piece called, “IncelWiki: The Blackpill”.


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