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JBB theory

From, the largest incel encyclopedia
Over half of black men have dated a white woman according to a Gallup poll.[1]

JBB theory stands for Just Be Black theory, and stands for believing the being a black is the best way to attract white women because white women get off on big men, big cocks, and traditionally taboo behavior.

Big Black Cock Theory is a subset of JBB theory that states that JBB is mostly due to the size of black penis and not historical taboos or the black man's personality.

Reasoning for usage[edit]

The term was coined and used primarily in the incelosphere for whitecels to scapegoat their own sexual failures onto something.

Alternative usage[edit]

The term is now primarily used on Reddit to describe a type of Black-male-white-female pornography. Most notably /r/JustBBlack.[2]


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