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JBW theory or JBW is short for Just Be White Theory”, and describes the fact that in multiethnic, western societies, white men are favored in dating.

According to this theory, causasian males have a high sex appeal on asian women, thus almost any white man can get a girlfriend in Asia. Some say this also applies to South America and locations in the Western world with high rate of non-white people.

John: “Did you have any luck on Tinder here?”

Dave: “I get no matches here in the West boyo. But I’m going to visit Asia soon, and run JBW-game on those gooks. It can’t fail there.”


Some believers in the JBW theory have proposed making efforts to look as white as possible (whatever that means) via the whitemaxxing technique.

Ethnicels who are proponents of the JBW theory may refer to themselves as JBWers.

Jeremy Meeks and Sterling St. Jacques are considered to be among the best looking black men to have lived in the modern era according to those who rate beauty and style for a living (Model agencies and Couture Houses). Both men have features usually attributed to ethnic Caucasians such as slim noses and eye color other than black. Although men such as Seal (musician) and most professional African-American athletes seem to be an obvious rebuttal to this argument, you would be hard pressed to find many white, asian, hispanic, indian, or arab women willing to date or sleep with such men if they had no idea the man in question was 1)Famous and 2)Wealthy. However if one were to conduct the same 'study' using Mr. Meeks or St. Jacques one could postulate that there would be a considerably higher amount of women from the above groups who would be willing to sleep with those two men regardless of having known of either being a famous model.

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