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Juggernaut law

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Juggernaut law is the theory that the very most unattractive women receive a surprisingly large amount of attention from men, and sometimes more attention than average attractiveness women.


The name of the theory comes from the idea that a women's SMV is 'unstoppable' like a Juggernaut. A conclusion of this theory is that being horrendously ugly can actually be a good thing to femoids. Because of the increasing amount of men who aren’t good enough for any woman who is even a tiny bit attractive. This obviously isn’t the case for men, as described by female hypergamy.

As such, there is a large contingent of incel men, incelish men, and truecel men whose cold approaches or warm approaches have entirely consisted of juggernauting, as they feel they have no chance with women they find attractive. Low-tier normies do it too sometimes.


Juggernaut law states that even for the women no one would consider even remotely fuckable (0-2 PSL rating), her extreme ugliness becomes an asset because of men who exclusively target ugly women.

Being ugly can actually be a good thing to femoids. This obviously isn’t the case for men, as described by female hypergamy.

What’s the deal?[edit]

Males naturally have high testosterone and a desire to spread their unlimited sperm cells, juggernaut law states that men might feel they have a higher shot with a woman who’s plainly average, or even ugly. Juggernaut law has even been shown to be true, even for women who have deformities), because there are plenty of men who exclusively target very ugly women

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