Karl Marx

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Karl Marx
Name: Marx, Karl
Birth: May 5, 1818
Death: March 17, 1883
Job: NEET and writer
Ethnicity: Jewish

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Karl Marx was a racist, lazy NEET who wrote his own violent manifesto ala Dylan Roof, except instead of blacks he railed about employers. His extreme hatred of chads (who he called 'vampires') was incelish, however he became way too famous to be an incel.

Some NEETs and workers credit him as inspiration because Karl was an economics fanatic who fantasized about an end to work and a Beta Uprising. However, Karl had contempt for people like himself who didn't work, who he called lumpenproletariat.

Personal Life

Marx the NEET

At some point, Karl Marx's parents got angry at the fact that he was a NEET and they kicked him out. Young Karl became so enraged at this that he didn't attend his Dad's funeral out of spite.[1] His mother once said:

I wish Karl would start to accumulate capital instead of just writing about it.
—Karl's mom on The Tendie Question[2]

Marx later would couch-surf to whoever willing to let him maintain his NEET lifestyle.

Lack of showers

Karl Marx never took baths and was known for being ungroomed and having horrible hygiene. His skin had festering boils and carbuncles. He once told his bud Engles

The bourgeoisie will remember my carbuncles to their dying day.
—Karl Marx 1883[3]

Couch potato


A spy for the Prussian police wrote the following upon discovering Marx was a filthy, ungroomed, unemployed couch potato :

Washing, grooming and changing his linen are things he does rarely, and he is often drunk. Though he is frequently idle for days on end, he will work day and night with tireless endurance when he has much work to do.
He has no fixed time for going to sleep or waking up. He often stays up all night and then lies down fully clothed on the sofa at midday, and sleeps till evening, untroubled by the whole world coming or going through [his room] ...
There is not one clean and solid piece of furniture. Everything is broken, tattered and torn, with half an inch of dust over everything and the greatest disorder everywhere ...
When you enter Marx’s room smoke and tobacco fumes make your eyes water ... Everything is dirty and covered with dust, so that to sit down becomes a hazardous business. Here is a chair with three legs. On another chair the children are playing cooking. This chair happens to have four legs. This is the one that is offered to the visitor, but the children’s cooking has not been wiped away and if you sit down you risk a pair of trousers.
—A prussian spy on Karl Marx's abode[4]

No Job

Karl Marx was not a worker, and he was a drunkard and slept most of the day while mooching off his friend Engles' Dad, who owned a business. Engels was the person actually giving Marx his NEETbux though. The only thing close to a job he ever had was as a reporter for journals which closed fairly quickly due to government censorship.

Prematurely dead children

He had sex had his wife, and was such a welfare-gameist, that his maid was so attracted by his smelly NEET ass and bore his illegitimate son. His child 7 children lived with Marx and the maid, only three of which survived into adulthood. Karl had Engels pretend to be the parent of his illegitimate child to avoid embarrassment.

Not a nice guy

He was known as a back-stabber, and a mean person. He used racial epithets to a point where it was notable, even during a time when such thing was common. He regularly trash talked friends.

Marx on race

The Jewish Question

Let us consider the actual, worldly Jew – not the Sabbath Jew, as Bauer does, but the everyday Jew. [...] What is the worldly religion of the Jew? Huckstering. What is his worldly God? Money. ... Money is the jealous god of Israel, in face of which no other god may exist. Money degrades all the gods of man — and turns them into commodities. ... The bill of exchange is the real god of the Jew. His god is only an illusory bill of exchange. ... The chimerical nationality of the Jew is the nationality of the merchant, of the man of money in general.
—Karl Marx[5]
An organization of society which would abolish the preconditions for huckstering, and therefore the possibility of huckstering, would make the Jew impossible.
—Karl Marx

While on holiday in Ramsgate, in old age, he once complained of

Many Jews and fleas
—Karl Marx[6]

Marx argued in Das Kapital that the Jews exiled from Egypt represented an exile of[7]

Leper people

He also compared Jews to capitalists as such.

the capitalist knows that all merchandise, no matter how ruinous it may seem or how bad it might smell, is by faith and in truth money, internally circumcised Jews.
—Karl Marx[8]

Marx on blacks

He once discussed his 1/8th black son-in-law's success in a district that contained an animal zoo as such

Being in his quality as a nigger, a degree nearer to the rest of the animal kingdom than the rest of us, he is undoubtedly the most appropriate representative of that district [that had a zoo in it].
—Karl Marx[9]

Marx on blacks

As he [Tremaux] indicates, (he was in Africa a long time) the common Negro type is only a degeneration of a much higher one.
—Karl Marx

In a writing to Engels in 1862, he wrote:

The Jewish nigger Lassalle who, I’m glad to say, is leaving at the end of this week, has happily lost another 5,000 talers in an ill-judged speculation. The chap would sooner throw money down the drain than lend it to a ‘friend’, even though his interest and capital were guaranteed. In this he bases himself on the view that he ought to live the life of a Jewish baron, or Jew created a baron (no doubt by the countess). Just imagine! This fellow, knowing about the American affair, etc., and hence about the state of crisis I’m in, had the insolence to ask me whether I would be willing to hand over one of my daughters to la Hatzfeldt as a ‘companion’, and whether he himself should secure Gerstenberg’s (!) patronage for me! The fellow has wasted my time and, what is more, the dolt opined that, since I was not engaged upon any ‘business’ just now, but merely upon a ‘theoretical work’, I might just as well kill time with him! In order to keep up certain dehors vis-à-vis the fellow, my wife had to put in pawn everything that wasn’t actually nailed or bolted down!
—Karl Marx[10]

However, given Marx was in favor of black slavery abolition, he was much less anti-black (to the extent he was anti-black at all) than anti-Semite.

Marx on slavs

Marx is quoted as saying:

The real point at issue always is Turkey in Europe – the great peninsula to the south of the Save and Danube. This splendid territory has the misfortune to be inhabited by a conglomerate of different races and nationalities, of which it is hard to say which is the least fit for progress and civilisation. Slavonians, Greeks, Wallachians, Arnauts, twelve millions of men, are all held in submission by one million of Turks, and up to a recent period, it appeared doubtful whether, of all these different races, the Turks were not the most competent to hold the supremacy which, in such a mixed population, could not but accrue to one of these nationalities.
Russia is a name usurped by the Muscovites. They are not Slavs, do not belong at all to the Indo-German race, but are des intrus [intruders], who must again he hurled back beyond the Dnieper, etc.
—Karl Marx[11]

Marx on Mexicans

Is it a misfortune that magnificent California was seized from the lazy Mexicans who did not know what to do with it?
—Karl Marx[12]

Karl Marx and incels

Karl Marx had absolutely nothing interesting to say about gender or incels. That particular socialist was Charles Fourier.


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