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Land whale

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A land whale is a (very) fat woman, who does absolutely nothing to lose weight and protect her health. Matter of fact, she refuses to admit that obesity is bad for anyone’s health. She of course does nothing, being the opposite of a productive member of society. Land whales just eat and eat (unhealthy food), and sit home watching soap operas and MSM, while taking frightening selfies for their repugnant Instagrams.


Sometimes though, land whales put on sweat pants, to venture into the real world: they’d go to a feminist meeting, or attend a Republican Party rally, or sit in the public at Dr Oz TV show (occupying 2 chairs), ready to slowly rise (unfold) and insult their nemesis, RooshV.

Land whales are of course a sad illustration of what is known as “destructive behavior by women”.

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