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Type: Imageboard
Author: unknown
URL: 9chan.tw/leftcel

Leftcel, otherwise known as 9chan.tw/leftcel, is the second dedicated forum for “lefty incels”, after /r/leftyincel. As of 2020, it is fairly popular. It runs on special create-your-own-imageboard software that the admin of Kiwifarms and the former admin of 8chan worked on.


A number of events precipitated the creation of /leftcel, including

  • Incels raiding 8ch.net/leftypol, back when 8ch existed, to the point where an incel cycled thread was created
  • 8ch closing down due to Cloudflare banning
  • Bunkerchan.xyz not being a good enough alternative to 8ch.net/leftypol to some

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