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Lesbian in a man's body

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The phrase, lesbian in a man's body, 'male lesbian', or 'lesbian trapped in a man's body', is used by some men to indicate that they feel feminine, perhaps even cute, and are particularly attracted to or get along well with lesbians. It is not entirely clear why people choose this term over others, as most men are attracted to lesbians, but it may simply be someone signaling they are undifferentiated, androgynous, or a feminine gender. It may also signal that the person using the term is more gentle and non-aggressive in dating than his other male counterparts.

Some incels get matches with lesbians.

The term however does not necessarily indicate homosexuality, crossdressing, or gender dysphoria. However, some use the term, 'transsexual lesbian', to label people to identify with the phrase.


Feminists, especially radfems seem to be triggered by men using this phrase for some reason, calling it simply a fetish or autogynephilia rather than a real gender identity[1].


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