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Colloquially, in America, a liberal, is someone who fully supports The New Deal by Franklin Deleanor Roosevelt. Colloquially, opponents of the deal call themselves “conservatives”. Both terms have different original meanings, but this is how the terms are generally used in America.

Taken in a longer historical context, a liberal is someone who advocates personal liberty, equality under the law, and freedom of speech. Neoliberals, who are hostile to the New Deal, say that self-described liberals have given up most of liberalism in order to defend feminism and other liberal identity politics, and often consider themselves the, “true liberals”.

As a psychology, liberalism is defined as an appetite for novelty, in contrast to conservatism which is defined by an appetite for familiarity. Both modern liberals and conservatives believe in the concept of natural rights, or fundamental, inalienable rights which are not given by the state, and that they believe the state should not take away.

Incels and liberalism[edit]

The first incel forums were liberal feminist. Liberal-leaning forums (at least relative to the liberal-conservative spectrum) still exist in various permutations, and never really left entirely, but are drowned out by more conservative forums.

Dislike of liberalism by early 2020s, self-identified incels[edit]

Most self-identified incels in 2021 claim to despise social liberalism, (what they call “SJWism”) primarily due to it’s support for sexual freedoms of women, and what they regard as weak and placating attitudes toward the female sex.

Many self-identified incels are also extremely against LGBT politics, which they consider to be more embarrassing than their own inceldom, or may even blame part of their inceldom on (due to female bisexuality).

Self-described incels are very anti-Lockian, and heavily lean toward the, “nature”, argument in the, “nurture vs nature debate”. They don’t believe much in the morality or possibility of socially engineering sexuality for example, or in changing natural sexuality.

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