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The following is a list of gender wikis[edit] is a very, very large wiki about gender identity and people who do not identify as any traditional gender. It has 3,000+ pages.


Wikimannia is a site devoted to advocating on behalf of men and is the oldest and most popular manosphere wiki. It has 5,800+ pages in German and 1,000+ pages in English.

Kings Wiki[edit]

Kings Wiki was a masculinist and PUA wiki (co-founded by a former RationalWiki editor named Nathan Larson, who went by 'Jean Valjean' there)[1] The wiki had some good articles about weightlifting among other things. Like Incelocalypse, it was deplatformed from DreamHost and RU-Center and then completely shoahed by persons claiming to be affiliated with Anonymous.[edit]

A wiki primarily written by the creators/authors of this wiki. “Master” created with tables/William/orchardstreet. It was written mostly by William and Thebreeze. At some point SergeantIncel got tired of William’s online trolling and countersignaling of and favored against him in a war over an editor, which resulted in the death of It is currently adminned by Altmark22. Original/most-active writers and admins moved here.[edit]

IncelWiki is an online backup of an earlier version of, hosted by tables, and adminned by Altmark22, Jet112, and others. At some point the wiki may become much different than the original, but for now is just existing in case dramatically changes.[edit]

Is a half-satirical incel political party wiki written by tables using a Foreground skin that covers most of the wiki.[edit] was founded in mid-2020 as an anti-tradcon alternative to Wikimannia. It is written by the pro-male collective.[edit]

2012-era Tumblr in Wiki form using the foreground skin. The wiki is extremely fast in processing time for whatever reason. The wiki focuses on liberal feminism, gender identities, fat acceptance and other topics. It’s main purpose to people who aren’t the creators may just be as a source of definitions of obscure SJW terms. Somehow the wiki has 2402 users, but only 13k edits and 212 pages.[edit]

Wikisessualita is an Italian sexuality wiki with 250 or so pages as of 2020. It is written from a, "liberal", and, "intersectionalist", perspective. One of the goals of the wiki is to, "resolve concerns", in someone who may have engaged with, "bigoted", ideas, and keep them from sliding into bigotry.


Misogywiki was owned by Leucostiste. Presumably a wiki about any topic tangential to misogyny or cooking.


Is a wiki about heterosexualism and autism. For a few months in 2019, the forum was down due to using out of date wiki software. It took them approximately 5-6 months just to restore their database. The wiki is generally way too jargony and hard to read for mere mortals.


Wikipedia is about worshiping gynocentrism. Moderately popular.[edit]

A small and boring Wikia about gender identities.

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