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A small cross-section of the more recent incelosphere
Arrow denotes user migration unless otherwise noted.
Each row is it's own year, from oldest to newest.

The following is a list of incel forums. To go back to main page click here.


Name Years online Public? Active/Genuine Forum URL Active users at any time Alexa Ranking Forum Software Registered/subbed users* Dominant user ideologies Owner and owner ideology Creator Demographics Former names Predecessor forums Allows anonymity
SAS Virginity Frustration 20 no ? NA vBulletin (PHP) 225482 liberal feminist VerticalScope - Corporate ChrisA Anyone allowed - very white ? NA sort of
Absolute beginner meeting 14 yes 31 NA phpBB (PHP) 4976 ? ? ? Anyone allowed ? ? ?
Late virginity 13 yes ? 8736682 phpBB (PHP) ? ? ? ? Anyone allowed ? ? ?
Forever Alone 10 yes 327 NA Reddit (python) 137000 feminist noonches - ? noonches Incels theoretically banned but of course not in practice none none sort of
Love-shyness and incel support 6 no ? NA Facebook (PHP) 390 non-ideological unknown unknown everyone allowed unknown none sort of
/r/ForeverUnwanted 6 yes 3 NA Python 2807 a variety ReadThis6123 ReadThis6123 NA NA NA unknown
/r/Supportcel 5 yes 3 NA Python 589 a variety Aledleledlele - left-socdem Aledleledlele - female NA NA NA unknown
You're not alone 2.5 yes ? NA Discourse (Ruby) 337 a variety William - left-populist / left-socdem William Blackpillers banned
sort of
In underscore cel 2 yes ? NA PHP/javascript[1] 1,899 communist Alex Podnebesny - communist Alex Podnebesny ? anyone allowed - virtually all Russian unknown unknown sort-of
Incels 1 yes 5 ? libertysoft3/saidit (cpython stack?) 439 ? Sp0kysc4rysk3l3t0n unknown ? ? ? ?
Love-shy 0.5 no 2 ? phpBB (PHP) 70 ? Ieatboogers - ? Ieatboogers Anyone allowed none ?
Incel Support (Support as in sex) 0.5 no ? NA Facebook (PHP) 384 non-ideological Aaron [redacted]/William Subculturals banned Incelistan sort of
  • Registered/subbed users number is easy to manipulate and unreliable
  • If predecessor forums are used in years active, the predecessor forums must have retained all previous posts from predecessor forums and had the exact same server owner
  • In order to list former names, the forum has to have maintained the exact same server owner and continued the forum in a similar way
  • Predecessor forums include those that retained the same userbase as far as individual users

Broader list by niche[edit]

Map of userflow of German incelosphere
an arrow denotes user migration
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There are many subsets of the incelosphere. Estimated active membership in parentheses. These subsets include:

Reddit incelosphere cross section (some are left out)
Unless otherwise labeled, an arrow denotes user migration.
Each row is it's own year, from oldest to newest.
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