List of things self-described incels get wrong

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This is a list of things self-described incels get wrong

Incels are right about many things, and deserve a lot of sympathy. Most incels are not self-identified. However, the self-identified ones in 2020 on the internet can sometimes be very ideological and often get things wrong. Here are some things self-identified ones get wrong.


  • That particularly masculine faces are attractive to women, which is wrong[1]
  • That all women are having tons of promiscuous sex all the time (when its more likely a growing minority of women, while sexlessness is also increasing among women)
  • That there weren't tons of incels before the sexual revolution (there were) (up to 75% of men in their 20s in the 19th century in the West eg[2])
  • That mildly or moderately short men don't get partners, which is wrong
  • That personality doesn't matter, when it actually matters quite a bit in relationships[3]
  • That cucks are not confident (usually portrayed as emotionally defeated), which is wrong[4]


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