M. o'neill

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M. o'neill
Name: M. o'neill
Birth: unknown
Job: unkown
Ethnicity: White

By including this public figure on this wiki, we are not necessarily implying they are incel (involuntarily celibate) or are in any way associated with incels. Furthermore, with regards to any actual incels listed on this wiki, inceldom is a life circumstance, not an insult or a movement/community.

M. o'neill is a public figure and incel vlogger who made his debut vlog in June 2018, called Incel (Truecel) Autist-Incel vlog. He speaks english but seems to have some form or foreign accent. He identifies as a NEET and enjoys watching wagies come home from work.[1]

He is an awesome guy.

Truecel Autist-incel vlog[edit]

In his first Youtube vlog, O'neill talks about Eggman having good social skills, and so he thinks he is not that much of an incel. He brings up being an incel for at least ten years.

The Pringles Vlog[edit]

He later made a pringles-themed vlog called, There aren't enough Pringles in the world to fill the void in the incels soul, wherein he eats pringles in a silent concentrated manner. After he picks up a piece, he eats it, and then reaches for another piece. This continues for 25 seconds and the ends abruptly in a clinfhanger, leaving the viewer guessing as to what's to come.[2]


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