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Macrophallism is an indisposition or condition defined by an erect penile length measuring 2.5 SD+ more than average. Although the macropenis is defined by being something abnormal, the ubiquity of porn has made macrophallism seem normal. This has resulted in a lot of angst and shame for 90% of men who don’t measure up. Macrophallism may be normal for tapirs, which are South American herbivorous mammals who have penises so long they sometimes accidentally hit themselves in the face with it. Nonetheless, tapirs are pretty much shortcels. That’s where horses come in. Horses are pretty tall and they are also pretty well hung. Is it a coincidence that horses are seen as sacred in the western world?

In the incelosphere, macrophallism is wdely consider to be a trait held by gigachads. Since most guys can’t live up to this standard, we now have phenomenon such as double stuffing, whereby a woman has a threesome with two men inserting their dicks into one vag. Although the average erect circumference is 4.6 inches, combined, they become 9.2 inches of girth.


Other terms and synonyms denoting the same condition are megaphallus, megapenis, macrophallus, megalophallus and megalopenis.


Alternatively defined as penile length more than 2 SD above the mean for age objective or apparently increased penile length for age. In this alternative definition, penile length is the distance between the midline attachment of the gently stretched, flaccid penis above the pubic symphysis and tip of the glans. There may exist a discrepancy for measurement of macrophallism for some growers (those whose penis grows significantly during erections) and showers (those for whom the erect size differs only slightly). In the former (usually among younger men) the penile length may be in the normal range while flaccid but reach macrophallic lengths upon an erection. In the latter a man may have macrophallic penile dimensions while flaccid but is in the normal range while erect. This is due to the variation in tumescing growth of a grower 5.3 cm [SD 0.5] compared to 3.1 cm [SD 0.9] in a shower.


Macropenis may result from complications from adrenal or pituitary disorders disorders[1], or recurrent episodes of priapism which lead to excessive growth of the penile tissues[2] Macropenis in children can derive from multiple causes, including an unusual rise in testosterone production, testicles with interstitial cell tumors, hyperplasia, an adrenal cortex with a tumor, precocious puberty and associated hypothalamic tumors or as a byproduct of other congenital anomalies. It can also occur due to a chromosomal disorder, such as inversion of chromosome 15 or deletion of chromosomal region 13q21q31.[3] Some men have acquired the penis size above the median range through deliberate enhancement methods, through the usage of a specific device, a medicinal substance or through manual manipulation such as jelqing.[4]


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