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Male disposability

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Male disposability refers to how men in modern Western societies are seen as commodities, used and disposed of by society.

Laws promoting male disposability[edit]

There is a biological element causing male disposability, and it is seen amongst males in most animal species. However, amongst humans, male disposability as we know it today came into effect after industrial capitalism.

Some examples of male disposability are:

  • Family courts favoring women, even in situations where it’s deeply unfair.
  • Men being imprisoned for failing to pay child support.
  • Men getting harsher prison sentences than women, for the same crime, even when controlled for other factors.[1]
  • Women have outvoted men in every single U.S. election since 1960, which caused a butterfly effect of endless more laws that favored women at the cost of men.

In a sexual context[edit]

Male disposability may also refer to sexual sublimation, where the man’s only sexual value arises from his utility in society. Phrases that encourage sexual sublimation and male disposabiliy include making fun of poor men as, “scrubs”.


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