Marc Angelucci

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Marc Angelucci
Name: Angelucci, Marc
Birth: March 30, 1968
Death: July 11, 2020
Job: Attorney
Ethnicity: White

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Marc Angelucci (March 30, 1968-July 11, 2020) was a Vice President of the National Coalition for Men and the founder of NCFM’s Los Angeles chapter. He was also a Los Angeles attorney who taught Family Law. He took on high profile cases involving paternity fraud and discrimination against male victims of domestic violence.


He had a J.D. from U.C.L.A. School of Law and a B.A. in Philisophy from U.C. Berkeley. He was an Honoree of the Southern Poverty Law Center’s Wall of Tolerance for his non-profit work in mental health and homeless advocacy. He was an awesome person.


He was murdered by a gunshot wound on July 11th by a right-wing nutjob, narcissist, and exiled 'MRA', named Roy Den Hollander.[1] The murder was sparked by jealousy on the part of Roy over Marc winning a big court case in favor of men.



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