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  • Female organism evolved as a mechanism of sperm retention. During female orgasm, the uterus repeatedly contracts, helping to suck up sperm, increasing the likelihood of conception.
  • Ancestral females likely had sex with multiple men (for paternal investment from multiple men and to prevent infanticide by confusing paternity). Since female orgasm retains sperm, it is advantages for them to orgasm to men who are genetically superior rather than those who are genetically inferior. Therefore, selective orgasms helps female to retain sperm from the fittest males while expelling sperm from the unfit males.
  • Women also evolved a mechanism for "sperm dumping." She would dump sperm from unattractive men she had sex with. This would prevent inferior genes from being passed on while encouraging investment from low-quality males.
  • Since female orgasm retains sperm, males have evolved a mechanism to detect female orgasm. Men have sex and invest in females who orgasm to them more, since orgasm increases the change that their sperm would be conceived instead of other males. If a man's female partner orgasms during sex, he would be more attracted to her.
  • Men have evolved a mechanism to be more attracted to women who orgasm to them.
  • Also, men have evolved a mechanism to be more attracted to women who are sexually receptive to them and women who are sexually attracted to them.
  • Men are attracted to femininity partly because femininity is associated with sexual receptivity.
  • Men are attracted to virgins more than other females because of this.
  • Men are turned off by women who had sex with a more attractive man other than him because he is afraid that she is attracted to other man more than himself, therefore increasing her tendency to cheat with the other man and decreasing her tendency to orgasm and retain sperm from the man she is with.
  • Women fake orgasms because they want to make her partner think that she is more attracted to him over other men. This is to manipulate the man to invest in her and her offspring more.
  • Men therefore evolved an ability to detect fake orgasm to prevent them from investing in such females.
  • Besides faking orgasm, many women also fake their attraction to the man she is with. This is to manipulate the man to invest in her more.
  • Likewise, men have evolved an ability to detect women who are faking their attraction to him.

Males are more attracted to females when they perceive the attraction to be mutual.

Also, men are more attracted to women who smile more at them. (Men are less attracted to women who smile at other people.) I think smiling is a signal of sexual receptivity and attraction by the female, therefore making men more attracted to her.[1]

Men are turned on by women who make "flirty faces" with eye contact, but turned off by women who make "flirty faces" with no eye contact. This makes since because women who make flirty faces with no eye contact suggests that she is attracted to other men other than the viewer himself.

Men like emotional sex because emotional sex is a prerequisite for loyalty. The more emotionally committed the woman is with her man, the more loyal she would be to him. Therefore evolution explains why men like emotional sex.

Many woman say that they are "heartbroken" by alpha males when in fact they mutually agree to have short-term relationships with the alpha males. Women say they were heartbroken when in fact they didn't expect commitment because they want to appear innocent and not a slut. This is to make them more desirable for long-term relationships because it gives them an impression of not wanting to go back to have sex with an alpha jock so they can manipulate their current partner for money/affection/resources. However, women would have sex with a jock within 24 hours after breaking up from a long-term relationship. They do this to raise their self-esteem after breaking apart.

Indicators of mutual attraction[edit]

  • She asks you out
  • She sends nudes to you without asking
  • She compliments you frequently
  • She's willing to cheat on her boyfriend with you
  • She's fine having an uncommitted relationship with you
  • She has sex with you on the first date
  • She wants to have sex with you in a public restroom after you just met her[1]
The true mark of a slayer is getting a girl to fuck you same night and in poor logistical situations.
  • She frequently initiates sex
  • She has dilated pupils

Some of the models I worked with were instructed to put eye drops in their eyes before their photo shoot as dilated pupils in models who are used to sell products increase sales by up to 40%. This is because the buyer will find a model (and therefore the product) more attractive (subconsciously thinking that the dilated pupil model is excited to see them in the photo). Similarly, prostitutes in the 19th century would apply drops of Belladona containing atropine for pupil dilation. Just look at the picture below and see which eye you find more appealing: the dilated pupil or the beady snake eyed pupil? Contracted Pupils have the opposite meaning, as when we feel angry or negative towards something our pupils will contract. Imagine playing Poker – you would have the upper hand by being able to observe the opponents pupils…[2]

  • She invests in the relationship
  • She has loud orgasms
  • She laughs at your jokes (males are more attracted to females who laugh at their jokes)[2]
  • She enjoys it when you initiate "shower sex" right off the bat, when you and her are taking a shower together
  • Random women who are on vacation will have sex with you[3]
  • She has sex with you immediately after breaking up with her boyfriend[3]
  • Having sex in a movie theater with a girl within three "dates".
I went to see the new Hobbit movie a few days ago. Sat in the back so me and a girl could fool around. I got an hour long handjob with blowjobs in between action scenes and finished in her mouth. It was about the best way to see a movie I could think of! lol
Dat feel when you find out your girl is absolutely soaked before you've even slipped a finger in? Nothing gets me harder.
Money and status will get you women easily, maybe just as easily as a perfect face. But there will always be a difference that money and status can't buy. She will not be sexually attracted to you. Nothing in the world feels better than having sex with a quality women because she lusts and can't get her hands off of you. While in the latter case, she will probably fake it to keep you around.

"I want a girl who loves cock"[3]

The following quote talks about mutual attraction implicitly:

Honestly though sex is overrated as fuck. It's more mental. And about the intimacy. It's something that you'll want to experience. Especially with a woman that you love. But it's not something that I feel like I need on a regular basis at all. Escorts are hotter. But it doesn't feel as authentic as sex with a girl who loves you. I have had sex with some smoking hotties. But with escorts I have only managed to cum from blowjobs. From coitus, it can only happen with a girl who loves me and without a condom. That said, I had a GFE with an escort once that was the hottest sex I ever had because not only was she hot but it was the most authentic-like experience I had with an escort.

Internet relationships[edit]

Internet relationships are sustained by mutual attraction. The male will develop a "crush" for a female if she displays mutual attraction to him on the Internet. Forms of mutual attraction include her investing in a text conversation with you, sending you pics of her nudes, giving out her phone number allowing you to text with her on phone, flashing her tits on video and having cybersex with you.

Even if she lives 1000 miles away from him and it's impractical that they will ever meet up, he may still develop a crush for her. Mutual attraction is just that strong.


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