Naked boob walking

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Naked boob walking is when females bare their breasts in public.


Some argue naked boob walking is psychosexual violence against men, leading to an increase in the deadly disease: prostate cancer.

Reason for naked boob walking[edit]

Given boob walking is illegal, there is only one reason why naked boob walking exists..

If we turn to the theory of vaginocapitalism, everything becomes clear. In the economy of vaginocapitalism, women do not need to work to feed themselves. They must only tease themselves to men through a system of unfufilled male stimulation, continuously extracting wealth from men.



Nymphocels disagree that naked boob walking is inherent to vaginocapitalism. Nymphocels, hippies, and nudists instead prefer women to bear the naked breast.


A number of females and male feminists have campaigned to let women show their nipple in public.

They often march in packs to demand that women be able to show their breasts in public.

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