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Woman with a highly neotenous face despite having well-developed breasts

Neoteny, or pedomorphism, is when a organism retains features similar to the infants of that species, in adulthood. Among females, facial neoteny is a highly desirable trait and almost every female has a lot of neotenous traits. Even though 18 year old females and 25 year old females both have low levels of wrinkles, 18 year old females are more attractive than 25 year old females because they have a much more neotenous facial fat distribution. It can also be caused by pubefantilism (delayed puberty). A woman with neotenous features is referred to as a fauxbait.


Nonnatural attempts at achieving the neotenous look is called juvenilism or adolescentilism, wherein people (especially women) attempt to look like adolescents, even though they are actually vicenarian or tricenarian ... or maybe even older.

Asian men

Asians are known to have very neotenous faces. In men, neoteny can be a death sentence. Men who have neotenous facial features, as many Asian men do, are often disqualified by women for not appearing masculine enough.

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