News: Joe Biden's Election Has no Effect on Incelosphere

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Jake, January 10th 2021

Multiple people were worried that a potential Joe Biden election might throw the state of the incelosphere into disarray due to the sheer number of tradcel and conservativecels in the space in the year 2020.

Incel forum reaction

Indeed the Twitter account complained of, "leftists winning", "SJWs censoring", and, "leftists taking over", paraphrased, along with allegations that Joe Biden may have cheated the election.

Some members of, such as, "PPEcel", had expressed joy at Biden winning and contempt at the female insurrectionist who was shot at the failed insurrection of the US Capitol by Trump supporters.

Other outlets such as, and had no reaction whatsoever to the election with the exception of some mild criticism of the reaction Biden's presidential opponent had to the election

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See also