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Oofy doofy theory is the idea that schluby, ugly, and/or goofy men are having more sexual success than good looking men. The term is thought to have been coined by Hell by the Dashboard Light[1] and conceptualized by Hugh La Traviata.

The theory is part of the looks/personality controversy, and a subset of Oofy Doofy Theory is Schluby Hubby theory.

Meanings of the term[edit]

Personalitism and LMS rejection[edit]

By definition the theory rejects most lookist theories.

Proponents insinuate women seek out ugly men with odd personalities for relationship security in our monogamous marriage system. Oofy doofy theorists consider lookists and blackpillers to be delusional people who have no intellectual curiosity beyond dating apps and other things accessible in their home. Oofy doofy theorists often claim women prefer personality more so than other traits in LMS theory, including money and status.

Women or society is degenerate/dysgenic[edit]

Proponents often insinuate that modern society is degenerate because of women being, "dysgenic", in their looks, or even their personality choices.

Women get desperate as they age[edit]

Some, but not all, oofy doofy theoreticians claim that women only select oofy doofy men after they reach age 40 or so (aka, hit, "the wall").[2] This is similar to the alpha fuxx, beta buxx theory, otherwise known as, "strategic pluralism" in evolutionary psychology.


The Youtuber, "Hugh La Traviata", claims to have introduced the theory of, "women preferring ugly men", to the manosphere.[3] Hell by the Dashboard Light then came up with the phrase, "Oofy Doofy". Subsequently, the TFL] vlogger Steve Hoca temporarily abandoned LMS theory for a bit and came up with the term, "Schlubby Hubby" as a synonym for, "Oofy Doofy".


Youtube vloggers who promote Oofy Doofy Theory include:

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