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PSL in an acronym used widely in the incelosphere for three consecutive forums that overlapped in userbase and prominent forum members: Puahate.com, Sluthate.com, and Lookism.net. All three forums were well known for their trolling atmosphere and lookist philosphy. None of these forums had/have sub-forums which self-identified as incel subforums, although the term was widely used in the “Shitty Advice” section of PUAhate, which was the most visited sub-forum the last few years of the site. Although the forums had origins in exclusive pick-up-artistry criticism, after the Elliot Rodger shooting, it morphed into a place to almost exclusively talk about how to improve ones looks to get dates on online dating. Lookism.net broke tradition a bit by self-identifying as an incel forum sorta around 2017, as well as becoming more sympathetic to pick-up-artistry.

A PSL rating is the number assigned to you on the decile scale from members of these forums when asking people from these forums to rate you.

PUAhate was closed and users migrated to sluthate.com after the Elliot Rodger shooting. Turns out Elliot Rodger used PUAhate.
Users migrated to lookism.net after server issues. Sluthate was rebranded to redpilltalk.com.

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