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Parthenophilia is a term that describes those who have a preference for virgins, but in practice it is used for as a word to describe those with an attraction to late adolescent or pubefantilist girls. Someone who has such an attraction is called a alphamegamiac, parthenophile or parthie.

A near antonym of parthenophilia is graophilia, an attraction to older women. Graophilia is a gender-specific term for the genderless term mesophilia. Graophiles are sometimes referred to as reverse hebos (reverse hebophiles).

Are parthenophiles incel?[edit]

On Alanas first incel site, she said that unusual sexual fetishes may be a reason for people to abstain from sex and call themselves incel. With regards to parthnophiles, the law would prefer they remain celibate. So the state should probably prefer they be incel rather than not. Not all incels are parthenophiles.

Association with FTV fetishists[edit]

FTV is a genre of porn that features pornstars in their debut scene. FTV stands for First Time Video. There is seemingly a link between parthenophilia and FTV-fetishism as both have an inkling towards the fledgling beginners in the world of sexuality.

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