Paul Elam

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Paul Elam
Name: Elam, Paul
Birth: February 8, 1957
Job: MRA and psychologist
Ethnicity: white

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Paul Elam is a psychologist and tradcon MRA from Texas in the United States who started two influential websites for the manosphere: and A Voice for Men.

He is also the founder and co-host of A Voice for Men - Radio Show, and the Dean of Student Affairs at FTSU.

He tends to take a critical stance towards PUAs, feminists, and more recently, anyone who isn’t tradcon in the manosphere.


Paul Elam appears Republican leaning. He sparred in a long YouTube debate with fellow prominent MRA, Warren Farrell about who should become president during 2016.


Paul has been accused of injecting too much tradcon influence into the MRA space by anti-tradcons.

Despite hiring some anti-tradcons for his very earliest blog, he has recently hired some radical trad-cons for his site, and increased his tradcon rhetoric. His hiring of trad-cons like Janet Bloomfield drawing him criticism from aformentioned MGTOWs and MRAs. Paul has stated opposition to any men’s movement which tries to reduce gender differences (anywhere?).

Most controversially Paul has recently stated support for, paraphrased, “unhealthy hierarchies that lead to suicide, burnout, and negative male health-outcomes”, because he alleges they are necessary for society, common tradcon talking points. This drew Paul further criticism as “anti-male”. Such as here:

Increasing partisanship[edit]

He appears to have deleted a blog post on his website that stated the MRA movement wasn’t conservative, called, “are mens rights activists conservative hell no”, suggesting he is taking a more partisan approach now.[1]


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