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Pill jargon

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The pill jargon refers to all the terms with “pill” in them that are widely used in the incelosphere and manosphere. Here are the meanings to those pill terms:

  • redpill: the ability to accept unpleasant truths such as gynocentrism and that some men are disadvantaged in the dating scene due to their genes
    • blackpill: A pessimistic extension of the redpill
      • pinkpill: Female equivalent of the blackpill
  • bluepill: A dominant banal viewpoint that leans towards feminism (opposite/antonym of redpill)
  • purplepill: Non-ideological and neutral viewpoint towards gender relations and the dating scene (on the fence between bluepill and redpill)
  • whitepill: Being stoic and ascetic
  • pinkpill: Creepy term for gender transitioning to a woman to get dates, or simply just being a girl/woman


Lots of people are confused by pill jargon and ask themselves why men would use such terms. For example, the average normie may ask themselves why a frequenter of the manosphere would use whitepill instead of “stoic” and “ascetic”. The logic behind the usage of the various pill jargons is that it enables both its users and lurkers to visualize the roots of our behaviour and thought processes. The various pills all incline towards a specific thought process. One of the greatest achievements of the 1999 film The Matrix is that it depicted all stages of the human cognitive process, from it’s grassroots origins, to the subsequent moral compass, and finally one’s ultimate convictions. Prior to the Matrix, the English language never had a catchy term which could encompass some of the primary postulations within society. As such, redpilled and bluepilled gained traction, and after that all the other terms in our pill jargon.

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