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The Pro-male collective (PMC) is a liberal, MRA, pro-male activist group on Reddit, YouTube and Wordpress. It focuses primarily on anti-feminism, men’s rights, anti-trad-conism and anti-circumcision.

They are not an incel-centric collective, while having opinions about incels, as they lean towards other men’s rights issues. The leaders and members are not necessarily incels, and, have in the past, been hostile to the, "incel mindset". There was notable overlap between the pro-male collective and the (original) incel wikis, due to the social networks of both.

As of 2021, they primarily reside on /r/promalecollective and, both adminned by different people.

Leadership changes[edit]

If was founded by Analyzing Male Slavery and, "Male Sentient Void". The former led it for two years and then was ousted. The latter hasn't been active for a while. After the founder was ousted they thought about changing their name from the, "Pro-male Collective", to something else, but resigned themselves to keeping the name because of Reddit not letting them change their subreddit name.


They have many YouTube channels and organize through Google hangouts. Most of their channels use a text-to-speech program, but some use their real voices. They have major beef with Turd Flinging Monkey and other MGTOWs they see as tradcon.


They have an origin in some of the earliest anti-feminism blogs, and the atheist/skeptic commmunity, then went into the MGTOW space, and are now in the MRA space. They are best seen as sort of a hybrid of MGTOW, MRA, and anti-traditionalism.

Youtubers this collective likes[edit]


Some things they do stand for that is not defined by opposition to something… is a UBI and a call for equal parenting (i.e. both parents work just as hard), and occasionally they lean towards male separatist type opinions, but deny they do so.

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