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Type: forum
Author: Salvador66
URL: r/shortcells

/r/shortcells is one of only two active, self-identified incel forums on Reddit. It is one of the largest incel forums in 2020.

It was created in October 2019 by Salvador66.

Tradconism and milliondollarextreme

The forum has more or less been co-opted by tradcons and other people from another subreddit that was banned called r/milliondollarextreme. r/milliondollarextreme being a bunch of tradcons using New-Left tactics in a tongue-in-cheek and petty manner, to push tradconism.


Shortcells is a ban evasion of /r/shortcels and /r/milliondollarextreme. Shortcels was a ban evasion of r/braincels. Braincels was a ban evasion of r/incels. r/incels was a ban evasion of /r/truecels.

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