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The term redpill is a philosophy which believes inceldom is alleviated through individually improving self-confidence, and behaving like an asshole. This is similar to personalitist-exclusive beliefs, except personalitist-exclusive beliefs sees being nice as more conducive to mating.

The redpill overlaps with the blackpill, in that both philosophies consider it a "hidden truth" that women don't like being tied down to one person for their entire life,[1] when actually that's a fairly mainstream observation outside conservative circles.[2]

It also overlaps with the blackpill, in that their personal advice is mostly non-cooperative advice, that is, promoting the domination of others. However for redpillers that means outperforming in social skills (i.e. “game”), and for blackpillers that means raping someone or having the face of (not necessarily behaving like) a bully from a 1950s-themed rockabilly movie.


The word seems to have origins in religious communities, as well as masculinist circles, pick-up artist circes, and those supporting right wing politicians.[3] There is also a vein of extreme selfishness in the redpill community, as most high-profile proponents of the redpill online seem to be former or current Ayn Rand fanboys. However, this does not mean that the non-political usage of the term is always right-wing.



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