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A ricecel is a subset of the ethnicel meaning a male whose inceldom at least partially be factored into on account of their east or southeast Asian ancestry. South Asians are instead known as currycels. Being (half) Asian is often sufficient to cause inceldom. On top of that, Asian men are also more likely to be shorter than their white and black counterparts. Ricecels attribute their failure in the dating market to the fact that most women (including their own) reject Asian men on sight.


Asian people have very neotenous (resembling a child) faces. This neoteny makes Asian girls cute, while having disadvantageous effects on the men; they look harmless, feminine and prepubescent. The mean stature for young Asian males in the United States is 5' 6.5" (169 cm)[1],which given the importance women give to male stature during their process of mate selection[2], goes a long way on its own in elucidating the plight of your average ricecel.

There also exists a strong negative stereotype that Asian men have a tendency to be dickcels, with some scientific evidence supporting this stereotype[3] and some studies seeming to disprove it[4]. Regardless of the validity of the stereotype, the widespread belief in it is still harmful to the ricecels dating prospects, and would also make him a target for bullying by other men.

Asian men also generally lack facial and body hair, and tend to possess less lean muscle tissue then other races.

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