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Sara Gardephe is the creator of the love-shy and incel documentary called, "Shy Boys IRL", which focused on a few members of the now defunct forum. She said in a Reddit AMA once that:

Male frustration is my passion
—Sara Gardephe[1]


Her Vimeo page describes herself as a, "documentary filmmaker based out of Brooklyn". In 2020, she still has a website up called,, which in late 2020 has a blank, "About" page.


  • Shy Boys IRL
  • Fireman
  • Sungazer documentary
  • Eric Klein saves the world (work in progress) (About a man who raised over a $1,000,000 to "save humanity from extinction" with an organization called, "The Lifeboat Foundation")
  • Toyota commercial
  • Mike Bloomerberg presidential campaign
  • Funny or Die - Open and Shut - Unmaking a Murder
  • Funny or Die - Bort McGurskey
  • Funny or Die - Yellow Belt
  • Girltrek
  • Microsoft ad
  • AARP ad
  • PETA ad
  • HULU talks at GS
  • Greater Good Science Center


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