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Name: Incel, 'Sergeant'
Birth: unknown
Job: unknown
Ethnicity: Romanian?

By including this public figure on this wiki, we are not necessarily implying they are incel (involuntarily celibate) or are in any way associated with incels. Furthermore, with regards to any actual incels listed on this wiki, inceldom is a life circumstance, not an insult or a movement/community.

SergeantIncel is the creator and admin of,,, and, and host of social darwinist sites.

He is an awesome guy.

His former domain was suspended because of promotion of violence and hate speech, and failure to remove offending posts, according to the .me registry itself.[1]

On Tuesday, the .ME registry, which controls the entire .ME domain database, published a post explaining that they — and not a domain registrar like GoDaddy — had suspended the domain []. The registry says the domain was suspended over anti-abuse policy infractions based on the promotion of acts of violence and hate speech on the website.
Having witnessed this disregard of not only .ME Registry’s policies and suspension warnings, but also of forum’s policies the domain registrant formulated themselves, the .ME Registry suspended the domain and decided that it would remain suspended.
—.me domain registry

Banning the people who created, adminned, and wrote incels dot wiki

'Sergeant'incel took incels dot wiki hostage after he banned the guys who created, adminned, and wrote the wiki, who are now here. He allegedly always paid for the domain, but did pretty much nothing else. For this reason, Master told other people they owned the wiki for two years (until they were banned). These other people wrote it from scratch, and wrote most of it for 2 years, and made up the rules, gave them their first logo, registered all the users, and approved or rejected the IP edits, and designed every piece of it, and advertised it, and told Master what to echo in LocalSettings.php, and didn't make it about Serge's forum (at all), and was asked if they wanted ads on it while told it was theirs by Master.

Third parties agree with the assessment of who actually created the wiki.

Personal life and politics

He goes by many other names, including, "Alexander Ash", and others. He has expressed distaste for, "liberalism", on Naama Kates' The Incel Project podcast. And he also expressed a mild sympathy for people who voted for a reality-TV star to lead the most powerful nation in the world, on that same podcast.

He doesn't like it when people assume things about him, and also doesn't give information about himself publically. This, of course, forces people to assume things about him. In interviews he generally evades questions, which may be appropriate for someone who runs a forum. Once on the Ralph Retort Podcast he called himself, "leader of the incels", and later backtracked this statement on Twitter. He doesn't like to be disrespected by people on his server, even though he is mostly anonymous.

He's allegedly a worker with a college degree. Most of his forums take a genetic determinist and social darwinist perspective, two of the most radical right-wing positions possible.


He generally knows what is going on in his forum and doesn't seem to have major issue with the violence postings, but did have issue with the blackpill stuff for a short period of time, during which he advocated MGTOW through the whitepill, at least until various people staged a walkout from his forum including grotesquesubhuman.

The whitepill could be a general belief of his, or just a run-around for his actual beliefs. More likely the former, as he isn't a monster. vs

Sergeantincel was one of a few people who adopted an authoritative name ('Sergeantincel'). Such an authoritative name of course seems like an attempt to downlplay the 'life circumstance' angle of 'incel'. The name implies he thought of incels as an army, of which he is trying to assume a chief position. He has since backtracked on this, but the admins of this wiki, in contrast to Sergeantincel, have always considered 'incel' to be a just a life circumstance, and not a group. His name is sort of like lordoftheincels from also competed for r/incels users right after it's ban.

Likely a lot of drama between and was jealously and possesiveness over the term 'incel' (perhaps not involving Master), which they don't do much of anymore, despite there lingering drama between both forums. Allegedly a lot of this drama occured over Discord and accusations of theft were thrown around.

Full list of his sites

  • Noirchan (gone) ('Noir' means a genre of fictioned defined by moral ambiguity)


This interview gave people the impression he lived in Romania, due to his heavy accent.

Reddit account

There was a Reddit Sergeantincel, which was likely him, given was a ban evasion of Reddit's r/incels. r/incels was, according to the New York Times, attempting to incite violence and that's why they were banned.[2] Here are sample Sergeantincel posts archived on a separate site,[3] as the Reddit account is now deleted.

My Stacy boss just gave Tyrone (who entered the company two months ago) a raise and a manager position for the branch of the company I work for. He does nothing all day, except spend maybe -too- much time in Stacy´s office for a normal conversation, with the blinds down of course. Gosh, her computer just breaks down -so- much, and Tyrone just has the right tools every time. I´ve worked for two years here, always busted my ass, have a diploma, more work experience than him, and have brought many improvements that have saved probably thousands of dollars ot the company. He did and has none of those. For all workcells, dont forget looks > diploma + work experience. We´re all just subhuman slaves to cuntoids. Welcome to Cuckold, Inc.
Stacy's Diary.

Dear Diary...September 2nd

September 5th

So I went to Chad's appartment without underwear and with the dildo up my ass like he ordered me to do, and omg there was Tyrone too with a camera. Chad told me to do whatever Tyrone orders me to do and that if I didn't he would beat my ass, then he took some money from Tyrone. He's so hot when he's angry.. I couldn't say no, so Tyrone got his cock out (god, so big!!!) and fucked all my holes. I asked him to not post the pics and vids he took on the internet, and he promised he wouldn't.


This is essentially the nicest possible and most balanced, in-depth article one can write on this topic. And we say this non-sarcastically. We are being very generous in this article.

Archived forever:


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