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Sexual intercourse, is an activity that can mean the difference between being happy or unhappy.[1]

It is viewed by some anthropologists and sociologists as one of the activities of daily living (ADL). This ADL classification places sex alongside eating, bathing, getting dressed, toileting and continence. Copulation is also one of Maslow's hierarchy of needs.


However, a lot of people claim that sex "isn't a big deal", or that "it's overrated anyway". These arguments are the types that attempt to place a wedge between the notion of sex as a need and other ADL's. Thereby, sex is in a way viewed as some sort of pastime such as a hobby or or for eurotophobic people, an addiction. In this way, it becomes easier to dismiss concerns by incelibates when they say not having sex bothers them.

The pure bliss associated with copulation sometimes produces involuntary sexclamations (sex noises). These vocalizations are more frequent in females rather than males, leading to the hypothesis that the evolutionary purpose of these vocalizations is to invite other men to attempt to copulate with her by inviting competition among males for her affections, and therefore possibly leading to the displacement of her male partner. [2]

According to the Wired, "The UN’s World Health Organization includes pleasure in its definition of sexual health—for men and women. The Global Advisory Board for Sexual Health and Well Being has even argued that sexual pleasure is a human right."[3]

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