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Sexual selector

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A sexual selector is someone who actually selects who they want to date instead of proposing. Large populations of people who sexually initiate less than those who desire them generally become sexual selectors.

Women sexually initiate less than men because they have less of a natural sex drive in their early years, and they have a greater natural and cultural fear of sex with unfamiliar people than men throughout their entire lives. This is called the principle of least interest in sexual economics theory. Throughout most, if not all, human history, women have been sexual selectors.

Evobio explanation[edit]

Evolutionary biology suggests that, across most species, females are the choosy sex because they have higher parental investment and a limited number of eggs, while males have low parental investment and a practically unlimited amount of sperm.[1]

Polls about sexual selection[edit]

15% of responders on ForeverAlone thought that women could only be involuntary celibate "in extenuating circumstances such as deformity, disability, and severe mental health issues." In the western world, increasingly, men are opting out of freemixing with women.

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