Sexual sublimation

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Sexual sublimation is transferring sexual frustration from unmet sexual needs into objects of societal value. Critics of sexual sublimation may dislike what society values, or feel there are better ways to provision society than to artificially withhold sex from men.

Sexual sublimation is advocated by a wide variety of people. Such people include: pick-up artists, social conservatives, traditionalists, (some) feminists, most Disney princess movies, Christianity, and nearly all opponents of the sexual revolution.

Another way to refer to sexual sublimation is a societal appreciation of princess syndrome, or societal appreciation of female timophilia.


Sexual sublimation usually works by requiring men to, “prove themselves as a man”, by getting a traditional job which pays in resources that can be used by society and future offspring.

Proponents of sexual sublimation assert that traditional work is worthwhile on the whole because provides meaning to men, gives paternity assurance, and decreases the risk of male violence.

Numerous organized religions seek to artificially restrict sex and masturbation in order to get men to be accomplished in a wide variety of societally-sanctioned pursuits, such as sports and marriage. Of course, religions were not as overt about this, but packaged it in awful poetry.

Blackpillers regard abolition of sexual sexual sublimation as an existential threat. Ethnologist J. D. Unwin famously analyzed the importance of sexual sublimination, which he called “sexual transmutation”, in his book “Sex and Culture”.

Sexual sublimation vs liberation[edit]

Liberated sexuality: When women have their own income or receive welfare, they cease to depend on men. This encourages advocates of sexual sublimation to create artificial scarcity in the types of resources that society deems necessary for procreation, such as affordable housing. This is often a mistaken tactic however, as while such tactics increase sexual sublimation (as shown by the countless artwork on incel forums), this tactic decreases male motivation to work, as they become misanthropic.

Sublimated sexuality: When women depend on men's resources in turn, men hoard resources and restrict up to 80% of the male population from having partners.

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