Sexual trad-con

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A sexual trad-con, or sexual traditional conservative, is someone who believes that men should offer more than women do when bartering for sex. Usually in the form of men offering more resources than women in the form of job security for sexual intimacy. Even if there is 50/50 shared parenting and the mother works, the barter is still on the male side usually today, as the condition of a modern stable marriage is only the man keeping his job, not the woman. As the National Parent’s Organization says, “The key factor in the decision to divorce is whether Hubby has a job. If he doesn’t, even if his job loss is involuntary, his odds of being ditched by his wife skyrocket.”[1] But a woman’s employment has no influence on divorce rates.[2]

Regular trad-cons are big fans of a mythologized nuclear family where the woman exchanges sex for her husbands resource provisioning + sex. However, sexual trad-cons may or may not actually be trad-cons as far as advocating a traditional nuclear family or be trad-cons outside sexuality, but sexual trad-cons seek to retain or exaggerate the the one-sided male bribery that existed in the trad-con’s ideal society.

Prominent sexual trad-cons include Dan Savage and Shikha Dalmia.


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