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Shy Boys IRL”, or Shy Boys, made in 2011, is an up-close documentary of the lives and opinions of multiple members from the forum. Specfically: Mr C. aka 'Michael', Advanced, UWT, and Kelsey.


Sara had spent a year getting the men in the movie comfortable enough with her to be filmed, chatting with them via text and phone for many, many days. She knows “Advanced” is not happy with her for the finished product.


Michael aka Mr. C aka the last admin
UWT, who pretended to be a pick-up-artist
  • Michael is “Mr. C” on the forums, who was the admin of until he closed it in 2020.
  • Urban White Trash was “uwt” on the forum, and in the movie pretended to be a pick-up-artist.
"Advanced", who was very funny in the film, sometimes intentionally
Kelsey, an underappreciated cast member who gets insulted as an "Omega", by a married friend in the movie.
  • Advanced was the one who constantly talked about getting plastic surgery.
  • Kelsey was an incel and love-shy in the doc who spoke of needing more confidence around women, and was in a long scene with a married friend who chadsplained him the Alpha, Beta, Omega pick-up-artist concept, and was somewhat insulting to Kelsey in front of other women.
  • Sara Gardephe is the director and is seen throughout the film with her boyfriend (sound guy).
  • Kyle was Sara's boyfriend and sound man, who Sarah describes as not enjoying the filming.[1]

After the Movie[edit]

Mr. C has had 1-2 girlfriends since the film but generally doesn’t like to talk about it.

Urban White Trash also found a girlfriend after the film. She "had long hair and big tits so she was good for social status."[2]

After the movie Advanced moved to China to teach English (aka earn enough money to live in China and finally get a girlfriend). A friend of his in China told Sarah he, got a girlfriend but hated his child students.[3]

Sara Gardephe set up a personal website listing her main qualification and achievement in life as making a “short documentary about incels”. She seems like a nice and decent person though, despite editing in clips of people laughing where she wanted to put in her own commentary in the movie. Also despite not challenging the Hosts of “The Last Podcast on the Left” when they suggested that the men she followed around with a camera were evil, horrible, violent people by virtue of being in an incel/love-shy forum (not true).


This documentary and it’s director, Sara Gardephe, were later used by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation to help explain the sexual frustration in certain incel communities in it’s reporting of the April 2018 Toronto van attack. In a report to the CBC’s The National, Sara Gardephe described the various incel community attitudes toward society as, “I think they just want to see the world burn a little bit […] punishing us for not seeing their pain”.

Movie Itself[edit]

Link to movie on Vimeo: [1]

Movie on Youtube:


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