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A woman using a spinning wheel, from which the term "spinster" derives.

Spinster was a term used to describe femcels from the 19th century onward. The main cause of spinsterhood wasn’t the usual factors behind inceldom but rather all the wars which killed a large bulk of men in the pre-modern and post-modern periods. During the 19th century, slutty behavior was frowned upon and women looked to men for provisioning due to the scarcity of office jobs; so rather than become sluts, women who could not find a suitable man to become a husband might remain sexually abstinent.

In the 21st century, “spinster” is essentially a term for a confirmed femcel. Some women who are exceedingly cautious about getting into a sexual relationship, or tired of failed relationships with bad boys and unable to find a man who is marriage material, and yet not single moms either, may become femcels.

The word derives from the fact that spinning wool was a popular activity among single women. Another historical term for femcels was "old maid".

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