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Stacy is a prototypical name for the ultimate embodiment of every wicked, depraved aspect of femininity. A stereotypical mean girl, or cheerleader, who is able to secure sexual intimacy with Chad. She is vain, obsessed with jewelry, makeup, and clothes. She is an entitled whore whose rich daddy funds her Caribbean vacations to go “find herself.” She entertains a flock of orbiters who shower her with attention and validation, only to open her legs for Chad or Tyrone instead.


Stacy exploits her looks and inflated sexual value to coax favors out of her orbiters. Second only to knajjd, she is the most despicable person in existence.


Despite her degenerate character, Stacy will live a superior life to any incel solely on the basis of her looks, her inherited wealth, and her inborn talent for psychological manipulation. She will have the pick of her careers, as any STEM employer will happily take her on to fill a quota. Indeed, she won’t even need to work at all if she so desires, as any blue-pilled cuck will happily marry her and pay for all her useless shit. Nonetheless, she will pretend to be the victim of the patriarchy, blaming men for her own deficiencies.

The more society encourages polygyny, the more stacies there will be as more women will have access to Chad.


Fucking Stacies, man.

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